Phoenix AZ NACHI meeting Aug 1

Thanks to Joe Ferry for visiting our chapter meeting this evening, he did a great job.

We had a great discussion on pigeon infestations and PB piping.

Also, a big thank you to Allan Blaker of Arizona SunTech for hosting our meeting this evening.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Mr Dan Harris. :slight_smile:


Yes, it was great! Thanks Cheryl and Joe. Lots of good info!

Very nice.

Thank you Cheryl, I thought it was a good meeting also. Thank you also to Joe Ferry, nice talk Joe. :smiley:

Cheryl and Brian -

Thanks for inviting me and for the huge box office. Thank you, Brian, for chauffering me around your beautiful city and for the Ketel One mojito. I needed no rocking after that.

Thanks to the members and non-members in attendance who were very attentive and asked interesting and germane questions.

I also got to meet Dan Harris. Turns out, he’s a nice guy. Who knew?

Please invite me back in, say, February.


I have told all of you over and over Dan is a nice guy. If I knew he was going to the meeting I would have come too. From the looks of the photo you had around 19 people show up? are they going to take an active stand here?

Mike -

There were about 30, I’d say. Where were you?