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I am looking for some help in completing my 30 parallel inspections. I recently moved to Phoenix, and just today I have passed my NHIE!

I wanted to know if there are any inspectors in Phoenix area that could help support me in this? I see there are some companies charging for this, but I wanted to ask if anyone here would be willing to help. I haven’t found work yet since moving, so it would be a big financial strain to take that on. However I don’t want to delay getting licensed.

I can travel - wherever you are in the valley!

I also really appreciate any advice given on how I can complete this.

Thank you everyone,

Happy inspecting.

Hello William,

I appreciate the direction. Two of those inspectors do parallel inspections but they charge $75, and $125 respectively. I have not been able to speak with the other two yet. Thanks

To do 30 of these at $75.00 you are gonna need to take out a loan. That’s kinda crappy, InterNachi guys should help InterNachi guys. Especially if it’s out of your area, it’s not like you are taking their business.

In my situation I would have to agree! I am sure the ones doing it, have valid reason as it costs them time but some of these guys are charging up to $150 per ride along. $75 has by far been the cheapest too. I really had no idea there was a whole business for this. Last month I moved to Arizona, from Florida where there was no parallels required. I knew I would need to do these 30 before moving here but I did not realize it was going to cost an arm and leg.

I understand it takes time for them to take you, and I would be willing to pay, but I haven’t been able to find work yet, and have no extra funds to designate for these inspections.

There is nothing more I want right now, then to become an licensed inspector.

Just how ‘little’ did you think it was going to cost?
IMO, you get what you pay for!
If I was the Mentor signing my name to your ‘papers’ for the State, you would be paying the same or higher than what the actual inspection fee was for that day!


Parallel inspections aren’t just a ride along. Arizona has requirements for a home inspector to be qualified to be a parallel inspector, and there’s a bunch of time outside of the actual on-site inspection time that is spent on reviewing written reports produced by the trainee along with correcting mistakes and verifying that the trainees reports meet the state’s SOP, with instruction on how to meet the standards if needed.

Even if they spent only an hour reviewing each report, grading it, and instructing the trainee on how to improve it to meet the state standard, why should it be free? How much is that $80 parallel fee compared to their regular hourly rate doing inspections? It’s probably really quite a bargain.

When I decided to become a home inspector I looked into the fees and other costs involved before I jumped in to make sure I was going to be able to afford to do this. My parallels cost me $75-80 each depending on who I went with. I did 20 with one company (2 different inspectors) and the remaining 10 I did with two different independent inspectors, all over a 4 month period of time.

In my opinion, paying for parallels is part of the cost of being able to become a home inspector. If that’s your goal, find any kind of work possible to help you get by and pay for parallels as you can, however long it takes…


Hey Jeffrey,

I came from a State with different licensing requirements. I took my courses with intentions of completing licensing in Florida, however life changed things and I am now in Arizona. It came at quite a shock, at the cost. That is all. I am just looking for an alternative method; if there is one.

I assume you would not have any mentoree if that was your attitude of charging $3-400, when the competition is $75 - 150 though! Ha! All in fun. Thanks for the reply.

Daniel, I understand completely. My intentions were not to display a negative attitude towards those offering this service. I did view do all licensing requirement before I started my schooling, however as mentioned below - life changed, and I had to relocate to the other side of the country. I was happy to see my requirements for school were already fulfilled outside of “pools and saunas” and I would only need to attend parallels to qualify.

What competition?
You think this is a money maker for those offering their time to help YOU out?

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If it was not beneficial for their business, I don’t think they would be offering it. It is safe to assume it is not out of the kindness of their heart. Business is business - I understand that. Do you see my reply was it only took me by shock? I had not heard of anything like that.

IMO, that changes everything. I mentor for free in a non-licensed state. But what I do is nothing like the parallel inspection you describe. I would have to charge for that.


If you had not heard about it, it’s only because you haven’t been paying attention.
This very subject is discussed often on this MB.

I certainly understand! I was here just to ask for alternative ways. After speaking to an inspector here, it is in depth but not as difficult as some of the parallel inspectors make it out to be. He mentioned they are making more off training then doing the actual inspection since they’ll bring 1-3 students with them.

I’ll find a way to get this done! Thanks for the comment.


I agree. $75 per an inspection seems cheap when put in that light, in my opinion.

Thanks for the reply. I understand for sure! Time is money. After talking to a few inspectors who do the parallel training, it depends on the mentor for the amount of training they will put in. They can simply have you follow them around and sign off, or they can actually use it to train you… if it’s the latter, then the $75-150 is in better perspective.

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You mentioned above that you are licensed in Florida. How long have you been inspecting? Maybe you can negotiate a lower fee if you can demonstrate that the mentor won’t have to do much “mentoring.”

Jeffrey, I haven’t been paying attention. You are so right. Do you work for the NSA?

I am not so sure you do understand. Mixed signals here. Time and experience is money for an inspector. That is our product. Period.

I respect you trying to find the most inexpensive way to accomplish your goal. But an inspector placing value on his time and experience is not a racket nor intended to take advantage of anyone. Expecting someone to pay for a product should be respected.

On a side note:

It is also easy for a dermatologist to burn a mole off your back. But they charge for it because they have the tools, training and experience.

Nope. I just pay attention!

Besides, a quick glance at your profile stats make it pretty obvious you don’t spend much time here, which is strange for someone who claims to…