Parallel Inspections??

I don’t know the requirements of other states, but in Arizona licensing/certification requires along with all the other pre-requisites, that a “new inspector” (Not from the Home Inspection community) log 30 ‘parallel’ inspections, signed off by a certified, licensed (in AZ) Inspector.

With 42 years in the construction industry, aceing my classroom work, and the state required NHIE, after 4 months I cannot find a single inspection firm or individual in my area (where there are 139 licensed home inspectors) willing to proivide this opportunity. Those that will are actually charging $50-$175 per inspection for this ‘service’. (A great business! Now I know how to make money when I finally get my certification!)

The State of AZ will not permit me to advertise, work, or even call myself a Home Inspector, until this is completed. I was led to believe that “you can knock off 30 parallels in 2-3 weeks!” In reality, I can’t even find ONE after 4 months!!

If there are any Arizona inspectors in the Tucson area willing to do parallels with me, please contact me at or call me at (520) 820-6451. I have over 40 years as a construction inspector in all areas, specializing in electrical and mechanical systems. I have worked for local, state and federal governments in this role. I am NOT green!!

Thanks for listening! (Will work for food!!):roll:

Did you try giving Todd Allen a call?

Never known him to be anything but helpful.


I do inspections in Casa Grande and Maricopa once in a while, if I have any in that area which are existing homes I’ll give you a call. I’m doing construction phase inspections in Maricopa regularly, which do not count toward the parallels though.

You can inspect commercial building without being certified if you wanted.

In 4 months not one offer?? Wow…it took you 4 months to find this site…and I’ll bet by the end of the day you will have at least 1 parallel scheduled or at least some solid leads…

I had the same problem…only in CO they are not required…it didn’t take long after joining NACHI…that I found someone to ride with…granted it freaks me out to go with him because he reminds me of my father…but he was great…I bet he’s still waiting for me to send him the report from the house we looked at over 1 week ago too :wink: Hi Hank!

BTW…I think “none” is going to win this poll…

Guys I have some sad news for you on the inspections. the reason for not having anyone want to take you out is because if you kept up with the BTR requirements (that were just set up at the first of the year) Any certified home inspector that takes you out has to be responsable for your report you turn in and if there are things that are not up to par the certified home inspector is held responsable and can have disciplinary action delt to them. along with you not getting your certification in a timely way.
Come on guys keep up with the rules here in AZ. this all came out in the last BTR news paper that is mailed out. If you are going to be in this business keep up with the rules.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Guys? Just one guy on here from AZ needing these parallels… :wink:

Think I’ll keep up with the Illinois rules.

Not much point in sweating the AZ rules.

I talked with Doug yesterday and have talked to my boss about it. I explained about the liability that MC is speaking of ( thank God MC posted that:roll: ) as I don’t even know what BTR stands for. Anyway, I am awaiting a response.

Cross your fingers Doug. I might only have to charge you 49.95 per.:p:p

By the way my 30 cost me $2000.00 :shock::shock: But heck it’s tax de-duck-table.:wink:


I think I mentioned this when we spoke, but if I did not you can try Rick Marshall at “Seal of Approval” he is the head of Southern AZ ASHI and I know for certain he does the parallels for people, as I did mine with him. He is an excellent inspector, and if all else fails I would pay him before I would pay anyone else I know of.

I should know by tomorrow evening if I am able to help you.


I keep up with the rules Michael is talking about, therefore if I have any inspections in the Casa Grande or Maricopa area I will call you…

The rule states all inspection reports must meet the AZ ASHI standards of practice, which I’m sure your aware of.

They actually added a new one about supervising inspectors being held acountable for mistakes not corrected in the 30 reports or something like that. I’d look it up but I don’t feel like it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I think the rule has always been there . They just made a point of putting it in the quarterly this time around.


Ohio is trying to pass the same kind of law, where you have to have a licensed inspector be with you for a certain amount of inspections. This can make it very difficult for someone new in the business. What inspectors are going to or be willing to train a competitor.

Guys they have not been posted yet but there has been some changes in the wording on on some of the standards. it is supposed to be posted this month but it is already in affect. I got a early release copy of the new standards, I would recommend you look them over there are somethings that can slip you up and ignorance of the changes wont work if you get called in. Some of the issues are just in how you need to word things on your reports.
If you supervise someone you have to sign and noterise a legal document stating that they complied to the state standards flawlessly if they miss something you have to make sure it is corrected before it goes in to the board. If it goes to the board and it is not 100% you are responsible for not seeing it and not following the standards too. You are supposed to know better so you are disciplined more severely. When the new standard check off sheets are released look them over before you sign someone off on there parallels.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank bejebus for MC’s post.:p:p:p:p:roll:

Do you think that you are the only one who pay’s attention to the BTR???

Don’t be silly.

Guys they have not been posted yet but there has been some changes in the wording on on some of the standards. it is supposed to be posted this month but it is already in affect. I got a early release copy of the new standards.
Well what are they Michael?

From what you wrote I do not see any difference in the law.

Todd this is why I quit posting here you guys make a joke out of anyone trying to put some information out. So I wont post anymore you are all on your own good luck if you get caught up in the new sneaky wording.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: </IMG></IMG>

I will call Lisa Lawhorn in the morning at the BTR.

I have asked her numerous questions about numerous items related to my Technical Inspections and she always replies quickly and courteously, with the exact answer…:smiley:

No joke MC.

You are the one who said we should pay attention.

I pay attention and I know the rules .So, who are you bitching at?? A new member that might not know the BTR’s rules.

Come on MC we are all on the same Page here.

Peace dude.:smiley: