Phone Battery Life Taking Pictures w/Spectora

I also have an S20 and spectora. Mine usually goes below 50% every inspect & I take a ton of pics and videos. For “bad” houses, sometimes in the 30’s. I have my auto-save at every 15 min. Like others have said, I too keep unnecessary things off.
For the roof, I always take all the pics/videos, and then go in vehicle to insert/compile roof section. At that time I will charge my phone.

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I don’t. That’s why it can optionally be disabled without consequence. When Bluetooth has an active paired connection to a hands-free device such as wireless ear pods it consumes 2.5 mw. It is very small, but I’m suggesting to the OP all possibilities to extend battery life.

When I am inspecting a home alone (which is more common lately), I sometimes pair (bluetooth) to a portable speaker/powerbank and play some 80’s rock or pop using one of my phones and that phone has to stay in the room to maintain connection.

Get yourself one of these and it won’t be an issue any more. Great battery life and quick charging. I’ve been using the same one for two years now. Rarely need my flash. I have a note 20 super killer wi fi danglous 5cancerG things. My wife has the s20 and complains about bettery life too.

I use Spectora and take around 350 photos plus videos. My phone rarely goes below 70% per inspection.

Like Brandon said, I’ll bet a dollar or a donut that the auto save feature is the culprit. When I had it set to save every 5 minutes, I was routinely getting down to 20%. Set it to save on demand.

Also, setting the “battery saver” feature on your phone helps.

I use my iPhone 8 with a full charge and carry an aux battery in case I need it. I usually take between 120-150 photos per. Usually low at the end but not empty. Can put aux in my pocket with cord to the phone. No problem.

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I did these both today and it didn’t really help at all.

I’m sure it’s one of those “your mileage may vary” things, But that’s a lot of variance. :thinking:

I am using the S20 Note Ultra 5G with Spectora also. I take quite a few pictures, videos sometimes. I always have a rechargeable headlamp and a very bright rechargeable flashlight to save on flashes. While you can charge the S20 in your car, it always tells me how slow the charge is going, so I am using a Jackery portable battery we use for camping, has 2 usb ports and a usb c port, which the S20 uses, for around $120. Also use it to recharge flashlights, etc