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A suggestion, Photos are great and are very worthwhile when depicting problems, and to show examples of these in a report to a client, fellow HI’s etc. but they are not useful when they are out of focus/clear etc.

Folks, please learn to use your camera, while the majority of them are "auto" everything (focus, exposure, etc.) there are limitations, the main one being how close one can get (focus) on an object.

Some can only focus from 3 feet away and up. So when one is trying to show a close up for example of (breakers, double taps, buss bars, grounding, burn marks, cracks, stains, damage etc.) that maybe not close enough to show the detail wanted, moving closer will only blur the image. Some cameras have a "close-up" or "macro" setting which will let you get very close for detail. Determine this from your manual if available or check on-line with the manufactures' web site (most have a downloadable .pdf file.)

One of my "previous" professions was (is) being a professional photographer 25+ yrs. (Masters) as well as the same amount in the "IT" field. I would be happy to help anyone with questions/answers as best as I may.



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Wow. I still use a brownie with the flashbulbs I have to change with each pic.

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