We opened up a new Infrared section to our Inspection Image Gallery.


And we also have an existing Insulation and Energy section: http://www.nachi.org/gallery/insulation_and_energy

Now this is a good one!
Which breaker has the exception?

Camera out of focus = severe parallax issues

= exceeding the camera fixed set points.

breaker w IR.jpg

Lets at least use John’s thermal course criteria when posting these scans.

Focus, Range, Distance.

The panel picture is not good either as it appears the digital is at an angle and the thermal is straight on shot .

This is only 120x120 resolution but with a much better IR camera. It provides a good example of what infrared can reveal… and InterNACHI is free to use it.

There are lot of variations in cameras these days and number of detectors no longer means what it used to because they are being poorly made, with inferior processors, cheap lenses and fuzzy mk. I say this in hopes that inspectors will invest in quality so they can provide their clients a good service and not expose themselves to the liability of an IR camera that makes them partially blind. I kid you not.

The image below has been enlarged and is sharper in it’s original size. This was taken with the old BCAM from FLIR.


I think Nick overpaid for the image.

Yes sir he paid $4.99 to much;-)

It looks more like a reflection on the bare buss than a true temp