Photo of proper sediment trap

Does anyone have a photo of a proper sediment trap. I have some diagrams, and plenty of photos of wrong set ups, but I can’t find a photo of a good one.

Its for my website. Thanks!

Thanks James. Do you have a photo of one?

not handy partner,If You don’t get a better offer let Me know I’ll go down the basement and take a few pictures…

Well that’s a generous offer man. I’m sure someone has one.

Check you inbox

How is this … Roy

Perfect Roy. Thanks! Thank you Troy and James as well.

Unless there is a shut off valve above the T in Roy’s photo, besides the main shut off for the home, I would call that out as not proper. You should not have to turn gas off to the whole home to service an appliance. The dirt / drip should be after the gas shut off valve for the appliance(s) being served. JMHO.

I have one but just moved all my inspection photos to the desktop. Should have one later this evening.

Yes I know that, but since we can’t see, we don’t know. As far as I know, it’s good.

You mean like this one yes I do have a shut off . … Roy

There you go… :wink: