Photo resolution dropped significantly

Any of yall noticed the photo resolution has dropped significantly here recently? Zoon in on some pictures and see how fast they get fuzzy and pixelated. I noticed this today when going through the summary with a client; I zoomed in on the defect and you couldn’t even see what it was. I apologized and had to take another photo of that and several others from a closer vantage point.

This sux because going forward I will have to take two photos, one of the deficiency and another showing its location instead of taking one in the middle that can show both.

Anybody else noticed this new issue or is it just me?

I can’t say that I have. Is this in Legacy, or in Next Gen?

This is what happens when you use “the cloud” for storage. They (whomever they may be) have their own storage limitations. Only second to video, photos take up a lot of room. The higher the resolution the more storage space they consume. That is why I and many old timers do our own storage and photo manipulation. The end product meets my needs not the software vendors.


Yes, I have also noticed a slight drop, but mainly just on pics of labels, and they are hard to read.
I am still using the legacy app.

Is your photo resolution all the way up on the app options? They reduce the quality for storage, like Robert said, but in the past it was very minimal

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Make sure you use Macro mode (closeup) for pictures of serial numbers so you can blow them up to read. Macro mode is usually indicated by a flower icon (Nikon cameras).

I went and checked a few label pictures in my last couple reports and all look great. Not sure what might be going on for some users.

I have seen quite a few people say they are uploading all of their CYA pics into a turned off comment in the report. For me, that would mean uploading hundreds of additional pics with each report. Maybe Spectora is having to deal with storage issues due to this practice? :man_shrugging:

Yeah, that could lead to some major storage issues on their end…
I just copy them all to a usb drive.

Do you use the next gen?

No, still on legacy. I tried Next Gen twice but it was not functioning well for me. I have an older phone with low RAM relative to newer ones, so am attributing it to that I guess.

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