On a lighter note...

Hey guys!

We’re working on the cover of a new InterNACHI Inspection booklet, and I need hi-res photos of defects for the cover. I would like them to be somewhat aesthetically pleasing though, no crawlspaces, etc. Maybe some fireplace photos, outdoor photos that look nice… You’ll also need to send me a short description of the defect.

If they are HIGH RESOLUTION, you can email them to me at valerie@nachi.tv

You will get credit in the book if the photos are used.

Thanks for your help!

You’re looking for defects that look nice.

I’ve got many images but none of them look nice. Actually…they look expensive to repair.

Ive got hundreds of thousands of digital photos of defects but not one in high resolution. Takes too long to email and takes up gobs of HD space.


You’ve Got Mail.

Thanks David. Yes, I’m looking for defects that look nice. haha

I just don’t want ugly pictures. It’s going on the cover of a booklet that inspectors would give out to clients. It has to look somewhat nice.