Spectora Videos

I’m not sure if my phone went through an update or Spectora did. But I’m no longer to take any videos on my phone. My phone is a Samsung S21. Anybody have any thoughts?

This is what I see after attempting to take a video.

Are you using the new beta version? It just got released a day or two ago to all inspectors with an option to use it or use the normal version. I have seen some complaints on Facebook today about video with the new beta version.

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Thanks for the replay. But I’m using the old version.

I’ve given my phone all permission access to Spectora.
I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app.
Reset memory app.

Still unable to save videos.

Although, I can take a video with my phone app and upload to Spectora. Minor annoyance.

That happens to me sometimes, if I hit the play button before hitting ok, and then I have to record again. If I hit OK first, it saves it, and then I can preview it.

I have had errors when saving a report that had embedded videos in it. I attributed it to a bad data connection. Are you getting this error immediately after recording the video, or when trying to save your report to the cloud?

Immediately after recording.

Ok. Well all I can recommend is to make sure you have done the following…

  1. Have enough phone memory.
  2. Clear Spectora data after every 2 or 3 inspections.
  3. Restart your phone before every inspection.
  4. Reach out to the bubble whenever you have an issue. They are extremely responsive and helpful.

Mr. Davis,
Can you show me a setup of how you have your sections in spectora? I purchase the library but as a new inspector I am loss