Pick the winner of the Super Bowl and win a NACHI Beam $109 value.

Five lucky winners will be chosen, and EACH wins a NACHI Beam www.nachi.org/nachibeam.htm and each wins a copy of http://www.nachi.org/happyhome.htm from Keith Swift and each wins their choice of REALTOR seminars from www.chooseNACHI.com and Michael Rowan and each wins 4 free mold analysis http://www.reliablelab.com/Z5_sampling-Cassette.php from PRO-LAB and James McDonnell and each wins a copy of http://www.nachi.org/holtdailydoorprize2007b.htm and each wins a copy of http://www.nachi.org/holtdailydoorprize2007.htm and each wins a copy of http://www.nachi.org/pocket.htm

Post here, your prediction of the Super Bowl winner and the total points scored (sum of all points scored by both teams).

If you pick the winner correctly AND your prediction of the total points scored in the game is in the top five closest to the actual total points scored… you win!. Ties will be broken by the earliest to post (not edit) so get a post made quick and then you can edit it later (up until pre-game starts).

If you guess one of the five closest total scores but fail to pick the winning team… you don’t win. You must pick the winning team.

One guess per member.

You can edit your post (and guess right up until pre-game begins). If you edit on this thread after pre-game starts… you will be disqualified. I’ll announce tomorrow when the editing window closes.

I will start off by making the first prediction in my next post as a sample of how to enter the contest.

Good Luck!

Colts 48.

Chicago 32

Indy 31

Colts 54

Bears 50

Can I do another one???

Dallas 24…oh wait…sorry…my bad…:slight_smile:

No Serious…I pick Colts and total combined score of 59 ( Colts 38 and Bears 21 )

One guess per member but you can edit your guess right up until pre-game starts.

Wow, some of you figure it is going to be a high scoring game, huh?

Colts 45
hey-I usta drink that in my younger days back in the hood.:smiley:

Chicago - 40

Chicago - 37

Colts 42
Roy Cooke

Keith Swift has just informed me that all 5 winners will get a copy of http://www.nachi.org/happyhome.htm as well.

Bears 33

Michael Rowan of www.chooseNACHI.com and Inspection Depot just informed me that all 5 winners will get their choice of PowerPoint REALTOR seminars.

Colts: 57

Colts 41

Jamie Mcdonnell of PRO-LAB just informed me that all 5 winners will get 4 free mold analysis with the new Z5 cassettes http://www.reliablelab.com/Z5_sampling-Cassette.php