Pictures From Chicago/Illinois NACHI class

Hi to all,

Here are a couple of pics from the manufactured housing class in Chicago held yesterday.

We had around 45 inspectors (both NACHI and others) in attendance, all attendees will be recieving 6 hours Illinois CE for successfuly completing the course and its proctored final exam.

I’d like to thank all of the Illinois members who made this happen, especially Russ, Pat, Wil, and Ron. Great event guys :smiley:

BTW we have just applied for a CE license for my roofing course which I hope we get to do early in the new year.



IMG_0471 (Small).JPG

IMG_0470 (Small).JPG

Thanks Gerry,

You got me in a action moment. It looks like I am pan handling for funds there…;-):smiley:

I should have some pics for you later.


Is that how NACHI does it, passing around an urn instead of a collection pan?:shock:


Yep, It was my idea to get some spare pocket cash. I also tried to pull the “clean your truck windshield” for spare change approach out in the parking lot but the guys didn’t fall for that…;-):mrgreen:

Na. That was just Pat complaining that the mini keg was empty :mrgreen:

Here are some more pics:

Still a chance to catch this course in the downstate event. See bottom of link for info and PayPal sign-up.

I must say, this was a very impressive course. Go get a bunch of Chicago area (mostly urban) inspections to pay so much attention to a course that is (mostly, I would assume) geared towards a subject that is more rural in nature, you gotta be one good teacher.

And Gerry certainly is that.

Many thanks to Gerry, Pat, Rod, Dan, the other Pat and Mr.Russ Myers.

We have also posted links to some very interesting information about Manufactured / Modular homes on the Chicago Chapter’s informational links area, here:

Look down the page for the Manufactured / Modular Homes section.

Hey Gerry
Looks like you had a good session. The S.C. HVAC session got a pretty good crowd as well. The room was one of the better places I’ve held a class. High back chairs and individual outlets for notebook computers. Drop down screens and mounted overhead projector. One guy drove like ten hours to be there. I was beat but really enjoyed it. Thanks to NO DOZ made it back to Virginia last night.

Hi Kenny,

I am pleased to hear your class went well, nice looking venue.

From the Chicago chapter event: My good friend Will may be a man of many talents but photography apparently isn’t one of them, he took the worst photo of me ever. Not only do I look like Yoda but also I gotta stop standing under bright lights as the glare from my head ruins the shot.

Here you go, enjoy !! :frowning:

To my right is Pat Bolliger, to my left Russ Myers