Pier Jacks ... What type?

Anybody know what type of jacks are the red ones ?
I have never seen this type.


They are the invisible type :slight_smile: A picture would help.


Russian? :thinking:

You guys are brutal!!!

Sorry David, pics really help out here… :wink:


Sorry … New Year Fog !!
I forgot the pic

Sorry … New Year Fog !!
I forgot the picture

Take a look now

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Those look like manufactured home supports/anchoring/bracing. I believe they need to be approved by the manufacturer of the home or an engineer. Were there any other piers besides these?

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Steel foundation stabilizer.
Lots of them on the market:


Seismic anchor piers, not sure though

Thank you Dominic !

FWIW, there is a data or specification sticker on the support but I can’t view the label in your photo.



Nice work Dom. Always labels.

As Dominic said the data plate should give you the info you need. The bigger supports appear to be interconnected as if to prevent horizontal movement and twisting of the steal beams for extreme weather or seismic activity.

Where are you located?

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Southern Calif.

Thank You …

Well there you go. Earthquake bracing. Isn’t the San Andreas due for a big one?


Yes, aren’t they expecting most of CA to become part of Hawaii soon. :crazy_face:

Yes … Riverside Ca, is about a minute drive to the San Andreas Fault.

I lived in Oceanside and Orange County as a kid. Still have family out in Moreno Valley, Paris, and Murrieta.