Piers under a 1986 manufacured home

According to the 2004 Manufactured Home Regulation, all piers, anchors, tie straps, shims and other foundation requirement including a vapor barrier are to be installed per this regulation.
This regulations requires that piers have no cracks or chips for this could reduce the structural support of the manufactured home.
Masonry piers should make contact with the structural steel for those that are not making contact there is a possibility that it could lead to deflection in the beams ultimately leading to structural damage.
The holes in the masonry blocks should be facing up for they are stronger in this arrangement. Additionally, if holes are sideways they provide a potential home for snakes and rodents.
Is the cap on the piers wood or concrete. Concrete supports will hold more weight and are not subject to termites and rot therefore, they are the recommend choice.
If wooden wedges are used to fill a gap that might exist between the pier and the steel structure they must meet specific dimensions.
As can be seen in these pictures the piers from the 1986 home does not meet today’s regulations.

Are you saying that the home has to be brought up to today’s regulations and standards?

Let’s see… in 1986, 2004 hadn’t been invented yet, so how could it possibly conform to a non-existent standard? Gee, I wonder if that is what “Grandfathering” is all about?

At least the blocks are mortared.
Down here they are mostly dry stacked.

Mortaring just adds one more element to the mix towards failure. Ever stand on two sheets of course sandpaper that are facing each other, and try to pull one sheet out? Just ain’t gonna happen!

Makes sense thank you sir!
I do “trailer” certifications for FHA/VA loans.
I have never seen mortared blocks yet.


20under view.JPG