Structural Clay Blocks

Looked at a home today that was wood frame and had the foundation walls made of structural clay blocks (Terra cotta). Not in good shape at all. They had installed 24 steel piers around the entire foundation in 2011.
My question is: Is this type of piering recommended for a clay block stem wall?

I only ever saw one Clay block supporting wall and it too had added other support .I think it was about 100 years old .
I would look close to see if the added support is satisfactory


I looked at that pdf earlier. My concern is how brittle the blocks are and what the piering could do to them.

My client is going to walk on the deal, for various reasons. Here is just one:

I worked on a lot of interior office walls in about 1955 . They used a lot of interior walls made of red clay blocks .Yes extremely fragile .We as electricians had to be very careful Hard to drill easy to destroy .
They only did this for a few years and soon went to Wire lath walls . That wall looks like it needs some serious repairs immediately .
Thanks for the picture .

Your concern is certainly justified :shock: I’m assuming your referring to the horizontal helical piers, which i don’t even see in the picture?
Permits and/or a paper trail?
Regardless, your clients are also certainly justified to walk away from that one.