Pipe size

What is the pipe size requirements for laundry drain to the main. I know the sch. 40 is to large. I could look into a code book but you guys are my code book. Beside not being up to code what problem is it that a larger pipe was used?

I did notice the water intrusion.



79606 S.Euclid 042 (Small).jpg

79606 S.Euclid 042 (Small).jpg

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1 1/2 Dave.

Doesn’t matter if its bigger.

BTW - Schedule 40 does not refer to pipe diameter but rather wall thickness for a given type and diameter.:slight_smile:

That is not entirely correct!!

2" minimun for a direct drain washing machine. Also requires a trap.
1 1/2" minimun for laundry tub.

Yeah your right Jason, 2"…I thought Dave was talking about a Wash Basin for some reason.

I didn’t look at the first picture.


I was waiting for you to catch your response.

I had a code inspector catch me with a 1 1/2" drain when I knew it needed to be a 2" drain. The home owner/ self contractor, insisted I use 1 1/2" because he didn’t want to go out to buy 2" His wife was there with me when the code inspector came. He walked into the house and the first thing out of his mouth before introducing himself was “Is that a direct drain for the second floor laundry machine?” The wife said “Yes.” Code Inspector “Looks like someone did a good job, to bad it’s 1 1/2” and not 2"." Wife turning to me. “You argued with Terry all day and he said to just use the 1 1/2” it is big enough. We are not going to listen to him any more. We will start doing the shopping for the supply’s for MY HOUSE together for now on." The code inspector started laughing as did I. Then introduced himself.

The code inspector then answered any question I asked. That was the only thing he dad issue with but red tagged us anyway. He said I did an impressive job. I was happy. :D:cool:

2" and it should be supported to the wall.