Piping found in closet


One of the realtor’s emailed me attached pics and wants to know what is it? I’m also curious to know what is the piping for in the closet and why it is disconnected

Maybe an old steam line?

let the guessing commence :slight_smile:

Did you make an attempt to follow the other ends of the pipe to see where they went?
You have a vertical going up and one going down, and one horizontal.
Could be vents, drains, steam etc…

Did you say that I’ll inspect it for a fee? Funny the agents want free advice but will use the guy who doesn’t know as much as you.


Probably was an expansion tank there. As Marcel said, did you follow the lines?

Yes, I did mention my fees and told him I need to inspect and trace the piping where it’s going and coming from. His a friend of mine and listing the property for sale soon.

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Apparently it’s disconnected because it is no longer in use/needed.

At least part of it for sure. the bottom has a cap on it though so the upstairs is a no go.

Correct. I should have been more clear. Shut off valve is turned off, pipe is capped, and disconnected from whatever is/was above ceiling. So appears to be abandoned.

Good point…I didn’t notice that, Christopher. :smile:

Wouldn’t it be much easier to just have him ask the seller then instead of having us guess? lol

Isn’t guessing more fun, Joshua?:grin:

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The seller himself doesn’t know. He bought the property few years ago without home inspection due to multiple offers.

There you go, now he knows why to hire one :slight_smile:


I agree old hot water line, or steam, but best way to confirm is follow the pipe back to the source.

The realtor is a friend of yours or the home owner?

Realtor is a friend.

Some old steam systems used to have a tank in the attic. They became obsolete with diaphragm expansion tanks. It may be a vestige of that.