Pitch Gauge App

Seems to be pretty accurate. Free download.

Pretty steep roof ya have there buddy glad ya did not fall:p:D

What’s the application called?

Pitch gauge

LOL, I thought there must be something a little snappier!

I use it all the time for calling out shingles on roofs < 2 in 12.

Yep, that one was a frightful steep pitch for sure. :stuck_out_tongue:
Kenton, the app is called “pitch gauge” btw.:slight_smile:

I would put my phone on a 2 foot 2x4 for better accuracy. They are pretty close if you can calibrate it with a level first.

Best thing to do on a roof like that is lie flat on your stomach and scream for somone to call the fire department. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

darn Kenton I didn’t know anybody saw me do that…

This thread reminds me of this guy. I gotta share this. I feel bad for him but its entertaining to watch.

Or do what some do and not even get on it in the first place…

You obviously have the rest of the world confused with KC:shock: