Picked this up Today

I don’t Know how many could use this . I was at the tool place and was wandering around . Thought this could come in handy checking roof and stairs.

Android Phones (with installed application) do the same thing

Yep. I have it. It was free.

I rather drop a 27.00 tool than 300.00 phone . but good info have you tested it out for accuracy . I tried the Measure App it was worthless.

Is that your boss in the picture??:stuck_out_tongue:

The app works fine thank you and clients think it’s cool.

Maybe it’s your phone that sucks.:wink:


My quess it is lonely at the top isn’t Micheal. I am sure it is right wing conspirsy to give suck phones to the left. lolol Is there a AP for that too?

I have a level app but what is the name of that one so I can lighten my bag?

Nice find Wayne, that is something I would use too! Haven’t seen one of those recently. I still do it the old fashion way. My two foot level and Master IV calulator.
Off course Michael has all the top $ toys. :mrgreen::wink:

LOL i thought it may come in handy for some of the guys Marcel. And for us that have bag phones still.

I use a slide rule…

Well, I was an abacist for awhile myself, Joe, but upgraded to my construction Master IV, I found it more accurate.


It’s call Bubble.

It has a bullseye level too.

Don’t tell Wayne.

It won’t work on his cheap *** phone anyway. :wink:

Thanks for the info Mike!!

I’m getting rid of my bag phone next month and haven’t decided to go with the IPhone or a Driod but will get that app.

Words for friends app will never be on my phone. Thinking about putting my wife on a 12 step program with that thing. Driving me crazy!!

Girlfriend? :mrgreen: