Does anyone know about PK management group, good or bad ??

Things like this are normally discussed in the ‘Members Only’ sections.

It always amazes me that people on MB’s think the entire world has heard of and has an opinion of every so called company out there. It sure would be nice if posters were a bit forthcoming with providing relevant information regarding their query, such as a link to the specific company in question.

I am noticing a pattern though, with central Indianans thinking the world revolves around them!

No offense, Ron! :wink:

The magic of Google supplies a lot of information so easy .

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    P.K. Management Group, Inc. (PKMG) is a national real estate management company with extensive experience in managing, preserving and maximizing
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    2100 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33145, United States
    +1 786-507-6020

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