Placement of main breaker in panel

I would like to confirm that the main breaker is not in the correct position.
I think the diagram puts the correct placement as only in the upper right slots.
Thank you

I see where the directory says 4 is the main, but I believe they as using it as a backfed main. It looks like a 2 pole 60? If so, that is even more suspect.

It’s a back-fed main so it can go anywhere. It needs a clip, screw or rivet to hold it in place. As Jim stated the entire thing looks amateurish and fishy.

Thank you. It was a 100 amp. It was hard to take the photos because the gas meter was right in front of the panel in the working space- the panel door when in place barely cleared the meter.

If that is backfeed as I suspect, the required holddown or retention means is missing. There may also be issues with the bus stab limits being exceeded.

That looks like a cousin Darrel and his brother Darrel installation.

How did you describe it in your report ? Just for my own curiosity.

Thank you all for your help, much appreciated!