Sub Panel ?????'s

Is this OK. I wasn’t sure about this sub panel. The larger one is labeled as MAIN and the smaller one is labeled PRINCIPAL. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Ian,

neither panel contains an SEC, so I am guessing that the main disconnect was elsewhere, amking both of the panels neutral & grounds connected wrong, also the feeders to those panels look awfully small.



On second thoughts the larger panel does appear to be back-fed through the top left breaker making that the main, but it should have a fastener holding it to the panel, if that’s the case the smaller panel (being fed by the lowest left braker) is still incorrect.

Looks like the whole thing was “Harry wired”



On third thoughts:shock:

The smaller grey panel and the larger panel both appear to be being fedd from another source, the main must be wherever the terminate.

I’ll go for 4ths later :wink:

Any more pictures Ian?


Thank you. I was thinking the second one was incorrect. Just wanted a second opinion.

Either way, the whole system is wrong and should be brought up to code.