plastic water lines

Inspected a house today built in 1999. Water line were plastic w/ glued fittings munufactured by Charlotte Pipe. And were marked “Flow Guard Gold”. Should there be any concerns w/ these products?

That is a brand name of CPVC pipe and is not problematic like polybutylene pipes/fittings.


Flowguard seems to be a good pipe. However, if you find it on the exterior of the home it must be painted. This pipe is can be damaged from UV rays and can also be damaged if undergound with pesticides.

Never seen it and probably never will.

You someone is installing exposed CPVC piping on the exterior of a house, the installer must have issues.

We see it all the time down here, mostly for hose connectioins.

Or maybe the installer was trained in one of the Caribbean islands where the plumbing is often the last thing to be installed. They build a concrete block house with little or no rough-in, then knock holes in the walls where they want pipes to enter for headers around the outside.:roll: A little strange, but works ok where it never gets cold!