Harry home owner strikes again

Yesterdays inspection

Might have been easier to just replace the trap:shock:

Oh oh.jpg

Was he a Blacksmith Doug??

What the heck is that?

He used clear plastic tubing to make the reapir
What you see is sludge… I think

Auhh Yuck!

Just maybe he’s a Drano salesman and this is to clearly see his product at work.

Did it leak? LOL.

Nope… not yet anyway


Nice see-thru waste pipe.

I had a Harry homeowner who used the proper material but didn’t have a clue…


Here’s one from yesterday… See anything odd about the CPVC piping (other than the drip I am referencing)? (BTW, supply piping to the basement bathtub/shower)

Looks to white to be CPVC but it may just be the effect of the flash.

It had “CPVC” in writing on its side… Any ideas “why” I found it to be leaking?

Well actually, I see orange solvent for for CPVC and the purple for PVC.

YEP! Give dat man a ceeeegar!

I’m still surprised it leaked.

Maybe it wasn’t cleaned well enough first.

Not the only spot either… The sump pump ejector pipe leaked a lot too.

That looks look purple primer to me (proper for CPVC) and a clear cement at the joint. Typically, orange should be used, but there are clear all-purpose cements that can be used as well (red Oatey can -All Purpose, which is ok for CPVC). Now if they used an improper clear PVC cement there should have been many more leaks due to an improper solvent being used. Maybe they didn’t get enough cement in this particular joint to seal it properly or didn’t properly twist or spread the glue evenly in the fittng? Hard to say, but one things for sure, they had plenty of primer!

In the 2 areas I could see, there were 2 leaks. I thought the purple was for PVC and the orange for PCV.