PVC glue

The plumber used cpvc glue on the drain pipe. Would you write this up? Is this a bad install? I know the answer because I called oatey who made the glue (they left a bottle for evidence). Opinions anyone. :smiley:

Answer: Do you want to explain why you noticed it and didn’t write it up when these people go to sell and Wayne inspects it and throws you under a bus.

I would mention it and leave it them if its “important” or not.

I did tard! Don’t you want to know the answer??:stuck_out_tongue:

**NO… **not anymore. You spoiled it for us! :roll:

hey Grumpypants :mrgreen:, ya reckon he contacted oatey ;~)

Oatley…is that a Tennessee brand? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cpvc is designed to withstand higher temps, and chemical applications, there would not be an adverse affect in using cpvc glue on pvc piping.

They sell sunglassestoo!!:cool:

There I fixed my type o. Chris can poke fun but he never posted an answer.

John was correct. If it would have been the opposite,pvc glue on cpvc, it would needed to have been cut out.

While pvc glue on cpvc pipe is not good it will hold. If the cpvc pipe is used as intended then the pvc glue has a high chance of failure first. Ultimately this type of installation should be called out to err on the side of caution.

There really should not be a need to install cpvc pipe in a residential house


Why do you feel that way? I see it often, in new and used residential houses and apartment buildings.

PVC is rated up to 140 F
I will retract my former statement.
If you feel the need to have hot water in excess of 140 F then you may want to use CPVC that will cover you up around 200 F

I agree 140 is a little hot. :slight_smile: But all jurisdictions that I’m aware of do not allow PVC as distribution pipe, at least not for hot supply. So I normally see CPVC for interior supply and distribution, and PVC for DWV.

P2905.5 Water-distribution pipe. Water-distribution piping within dwelling units shall conform to NSF 61 and shall conform to one of the standards listed in Table P2905.5. All hot-water-distribution pipe and tubing shall have a minimum pressure rating of 100 psi at 180°F (689 kPa at 82°C).