plastic wire gauge tool


Where can I find a plastic wire gauge identifier.
I haven’t had much luck searching for one.


OK… don’t suggest anything be stuck in a panel and I dont trust the slip over gauges to be honest with you. If you want to do it the RIGHT way then to a search for a “digital plastic caliper” and then use the properties of Table 5 and Table 8 of the NEC to give you the most accurate readings. The calipers are plastic and non-conductive and digital ones are the best.

My prefered method is to learn the sizes and keep samples and create your own sample stringer to refer to…but if you MUST stick something in wear gloves, eye protection and use only plastic tools like the one described above.

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If enough people ask me HOW to do this…I will create a video on it and how to be safe in doing it. I seem to get alot of questions regarding sizing and so on, Using a “Plastic” caliper is one method that will work and is rather accurate as long as you can determine the type of insulation being use…which is fairly easy for the most part.

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That’s what I teach too, far safer to buy a few feet of the common sizes and learn them than to go shoving things into panels IMHO. you never know when your going to find a loose wire or breaker.



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