Recommend a conductor size gauge?

Can anyone recommend a good internet store to buy a conductor gauge for identifying conductors 14 AWG and greater?

No, But I can suggest visiting Home Depot, Lowes or Electrical Supply house and buy as many 1" samples as you can of the different wire types and cut them down to 6" length and view them, study them, learn to identify them and it will make it much easier in the future. Keep the common sizes and put them on a loop like a set of keys and keep it in your pouch if need be to look at for reference.

But alas…I am sure someone knows of such a guage ( hope it’s a plastic one…:wink:

lol, me too :wink:

I have samples but the key ring idea is very good :slight_smile:

Yep, on larger conductors screw a small eye bolt in the end. On smaller conductors bend a loop in the end and tape it and it should be fine. Back in the DAY ( when I was in school ) I made one and on the small wire I would bend it around and solder it to itself making the loop…Oh those were the days !

Professional Equipment sells a plastic gauge. It ranges from 14AWG to 4/0.

Oh Jeff…you cheater. Now I know 100% you dont need any Gauge my friend…:wink:

Those gauges measure the uninsulated conductor, I believe. Rarely will you be able to safely measure that in a panel.

I received a recall letter the other day for that guage.:shock:

I bought it many years ago :wink:

Yep. That’s the one. They must have forgotten about me :frowning:

I haven’t been to an electrical wholesale supplier for a while but a few of them around here used to give away plastic gauges. I think they may have been made of Nylon. They were clear, about 1/4" thick and extremely durable. They have slots on the sides so you can easily check wires without disconnecting them.

Some of the guys would hang them from their tool belts and some of the guys would throw them in their toolboxes. I never saw one get cracked or broken.

You might want to check with places such as Graybar or Westco. They may still give them away free.