Plastic (?) within 18" of the Water Heater

This is PEX piped within 2 inches of the top…

is this okay or a call out, I get different answers. Is there a good “code” reference (not that I would cite it!:slight_smile: )

9 Feb 06 043.jpg

From the vanguard website… seems to be ok for electric water heaters

Use metallic connectors to attach Vanex PEX to GAS WATER HEATERS (Vanguard Part No. XLSE4418, XLMSE4418 or similar fabricated metallic assembly). Install a minimum 18” of metallic or other piping between the water heater and Vanex PEX.

For ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS, Vanex PEX may be connected with standard metallic termination fittings (such as swivel elbows and straight swivels) to the water heater inlet and outlet nipples.

Vanex PEX may be used to connect to INSTANTANEOUS WATER HEATERS or other hot water producing devices. However, consult manufacturer’s recommendations for use with plastic tubing and ensure temperature and pressure do not exceed the maximum ratings of the Vanex tubing.Vanex PEX can be used for water heater PRESSURE/TEMPERATURE RELIEF LINES.

Thanks Anatol.

Great reply and link.

I guess an example would be on an Envirotech Tankless and Sets Tankless where the manufacturer requires 18" of copper from the inlet and outlet before switching over to pex is allowed.