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Can someone help me with this?

I was helping my brother start his garage natural gas furnace. As we were in his basement ready to turn on the supply valve to the garage, he showed me that the last 5 feet of gas piping going into the basement wall was hard plastic. It was hard plastic all the way out to the detached garage and up through the floor in the corner about a foot, at which point he has a fitting connected and held by a metal adjustable band. From there the black pipe continues to the heater.

I have never seen anyone use black flexible hard plastic pipe for gas. He said the guy who installed this said it was ok to use for underground installation. This was done about 20 years ago.

After we turned on the gas, I went out to the garage to check for leaks. I could hear the leak coming from the very end of the black plastic. There is a split at the end of theplastic gas line and I'm trying to come up with a fix.

Is there anyone who has ever worked with this kind of pipe? Any suggestions?

Thanks for any feed back on this.

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I?ve never seen or heard of any type of flexible gas supply line except GASTITE, and that flexible line is yellow. If your gas supply piping is not yellow GASTITE, copper or black iron, I would consider having a plumber evaluate and replace this piping.

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Hey guys

Here's a gas plumbing site with a pretty good pdf. Good for review and further info