Please ask questions about roof here

Please feel free to ask any questions about conditions you find during inspections of roofs on this forum, we will do our best to answer them.

Thank you sir. Your generous offer of help is appreciated. I’m sure I’ll be here soon enough:)

Hi Kenton.

I’d like your comments on this type of roof.

Mine would be, Oh s…t!!!

Lovely isn’t it?

Unfortunately it will be snow covered today.

Yo Kenton you could start by removing that clause from the Internachi SOP
(inspected from the ground):smiley:

Silly me I have never used it:p

Flat roof / modified bitumen / no terminator bar / wrap around to underside of clay tile coping.

Material has cant strip and silvering.

What is report comment ?

Thank you Kenton.
You are a true asset to InterNACHI.

HI there I missed the live home inspection , but watched the recording , I found the gussets on the roofing shingles were to close also the end seams were lined up . I don’t think the hardware store would warranty them . Jeff Watson Carpentersedge. ca