Flat roof and painted or sprayed components

Greetings everyone.

During a flat roof inspection via the drone. The roofing material being white, had areas of ponding, although, there are inside soffit drains for downspout connection (not installed).

My area of question is this. The material appeared to be heavily “wrinkled” and the vent stacks and masonry flashings have been sprayed or painted.

Curious if anyone has seen the items painted or sprayed, and can offer general insight, as this isn’t something I have come across until today.

Looks like thin Mil TPO.
Terrible workmanship.
Wrinkles, Balloons, poorly applied membrane.


Time for a complete re-roof with ALL new flashings.
With all the evidence of ponding, it may need the decking replaced also.
Appears that someone “cheaped out” and painted the roof with elastomeric sealant/paint!
It’s total crap!!


Other than a single ply membrane, I would not attempt to speculate the material type. (Though TPO and PVC are typical, why take the chance? And, it is very shiny which is a bit odd)

As mentioned above, the install is so poor that the material type is a non factor in my opinion. Write hard. A good wind will probably do the demolition for them :wink:


Thank you everyone, for the feedback, this was my notion and sometimes we all like to double check ourselves.
Very much appreciated indeed :ok_hand:t2:

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I would think something like… there was evidence of less that professional workmanship at the roof covering. I recommend having a competent roofing contractor evaluate the roof.