Please check my New website

Hi Guys,

Please check out my new website at: <a href=“”>Westside Home Inspections</a>

It was done by Robert Humphries & I think he did a great job! I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’m not always the easiest customer to deal with, I’m really picky about stuff ( a good trait in an inspector, but not necessarily in a customer!). He was able to create a site that included everything I wanted and more.

If you have time please take a look at it and send me any feedback you might have! I’d really like to know what you think.

Also, please click on google plus while you are there!


Looks ok.

I would make “see video” a link that opens up the video.

Looks Good
Would not publish low fees unless they are the lowest.
Might think about adding more links.
Keep fresh content going which is one thing Juan does.

There is a balance also as you change balance of keyword percentages when you add text.


Home inspection site with 10 pages of pie recipes will be ranked high for cooking and not so high for home inspection.

Below are the keywords your pushing…

Keyword Count Density
inspections 35 6.85%
inspection 35 6.85%
home 32 6.26%
westside 9 1.76%
glossary 7 1.37%
angeles 6 1.17%
construction 6 1.17%
mold 6 1.17%
los 6 1.17%
energy 5 0.98%
jose 5 0.98%
property 5 0.98%
free 5 0.98%
days 5 0.98%
damage 5 0.98%
agreement 4 0.78%
choose 4 0.78%
inspected 4 0.78%
type 4 0.78%
visible 4 0.78%
buyer 4 0.78%
residential 3 0.59%
inspector 3 0.59%
electrical 3 0.59%
video 3 0.59%
client’s 3 0.59%
property’s 3 0.59%
building 3 0.59%
easy 3 0.59%
services 3 0.59%
practice 2 0.39%
plumbing 2 0.39%
hvac 2 0.39%
framing 2 0.39%
gallery 2 0.39%
payment 2 0.39%
pricing 2 0.39%
report 2 0.39%

Great website Jose. I looked at your sample report and would suggest less finger pointing and circles and arrows. Also, I would raise your inspection fees if I were you. Don’t shortchange yourself.

Still overall, I would give your website an 8 on a 10 scale. I was born and raised in L.A. Viva Los Dodgers.

Its not his website…

Website Template and Design © Copyright 2013 Robert Humphries](
All Rights Reserved

If he paid for it it is his website or can I come and take your car home because you did not build it.:shock:

Good call Bob. :wink:

Thank you guys,

I do appreciate all your comments. I will work on then as soon as possible.

Bob, I totally understand what you’re talking about. I will work on that.

Jeffrey, my sample report is from two years ago. I am doing better Reports now and
because of your comments I will replace them as soon as possible thank you and Viva los Dodgers.

You are right. Robert has rights to reuse the template over and over. See our conversation.

I agree with Bob. If **your **name is on it… it is yours!

But it’s not his name on it contrary to on yours or Bob’s or mine for that matter…Robert H has all rights to Jose website template and design.

**Website Template and Design © Copyright 2013 Robert Humphries](
All Rights Reserved

Is Jose’s name on the website? His business name on the website? Is all his contact information on the website?

THAT is what I am referring to as “yours”.

Nobody cares about that little statement in the footer except other inspectors.

He is implying that Robert owns it all and can pull the site if rent is not payed.

That is not what this means…

Also, Robert states that most all of his sites are owned by the person his services are rendered to.

AH hum you said… most ?

Not what I thought above by the way but may be what Marcel implied.

I only offered that word, as I do not know of every product that Robert offers, and it is not my place to misrepresent him or his products.

See Bob. I practice what I preach. Specificity!

Just learning from the master.

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year, Bob! :wink:

I always feel that the “About Me” page is the most important, and yours was OK. I would add more pictures of yourself inspecting though, it really adds to a site. Just my 2 cents

Hey Jay! If you would take out the unneeded letter “o” in your web page link maybe we could see your “about me” page.

Just sayin. :slight_smile: