New Web Site Live

I have updated my site to include a few new looks plus I streamlined it for simplicity. If you have time check it out and let me know what you think? Negative replies welcome! I look forward to any feed back I can get.

PS… If you haven’t done it already facebook me at the bottom of the page and let me know and I’ll do the same for you! To see how the spread the word feature works using facebook make sure your logged in to your account before visiting my site.

Billy -

Maybe I missed it BUT there were some things that were vague, like:

Your Sample Report talks about appliances / Laundry = Washer / Dryer, etc … Was the dryer Gas or Electric. Was Dryer vented outside, etc.

Nice report but could not tell if some things were there AND I was overlooking them OR if not there. Noted same things elsewhere as skimming report.

looks good. your sewer scope link doesnt work.


On page 10 of your sample report(Chimneys) If you would shorten your document at the intro of the page, (get rid of the space between lines) it would remove 1 additional page as all would fit on the one page.

I believe it would look better as well.

Same with garage, you have 2 items on the 3rd page. I hate seeing all the blank areas. If you worked on your spacing, and items you could fit it easily on 2 pages.

Why does the report end here at the beginning of the plumbing page?

9 pages of defects in summary, that is way to many. The links, spacing should be changed. The worst house I have inspected maybe had 4 pages of summary defects.

Just my thoughts!!

I think you are the kind of person looking more for corrective comments then this looks great!! You know I love you bud!!

Looks good Billy (why no pictures of defects in your sample report?)

0k, I’ll pick on the report too :)… first off I like it overall, I have your template and have modified it significantly over time…

you place the realtors entire contact information- is this ad space for your buddies?
why is stain better than paint on decks?

you recommend any cracked, deteriorating concrete or walkways be replaced? what if the driveway is gravel?

the rat feces comments: **[FONT=Arial][size=2][FONT=Arial][size=2]
one or more areas. The Center for Disease
Control (CDC) defines this as less than 20 feces per square foot. Rodent infestation may be a safety hazard
due to the risk of contracting Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). HPS is a rare (only 20-50 cases per year
in the United states) but deadly (40% mortality rate) disease transmitted by infected rodents through urine,
droppings, or saliva" would freak anyone out. living in areas with a lot of corn fields, mice, rats, ect- try come indoors every winter. its what they do.

electrical: **[FONT=Arial][size=2][FONT=Arial][size=2][FONT=Arial][size=2]
Exposed wires should have a either black tape
when did black tape become a safe way to cap an unterminated wire?

AC: **[FONT=Arial][size=2][FONT=Arial][size=2][FONT=Arial][size=2]
Foam insulator is cracked or missing. The insulation is used to help prevent the
pipe from sweating. Recommend hiring a qualified HVAC contractor for repair.

you need an HVAC tech to put on a piece of pipe insulation?

service wires:**[FONT=Arial][size=2][FONT=Arial][size=2][FONT=Arial][size=2]
The service drop wires are in contact with trees or vegetation. Recommend having
a qualified tree service company or arborist prune or remove trees as necessary to prevent straining or
abrading the service drop wires.
doesnt the electrical company take care of the wires up to the meter? they do here

One or more electric receptacles at the
garage had no visible ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection.
didnt you test them?

flues: **[FONT=Arial][size=2][FONT=Arial][size=2][FONT=Arial][size=2]
Recommend cutting sheeting
from the flue so there is at least a 2 inch clearance from all combustible materials by a licensed contractor.

isnt it 1" for type B flue clearance?
tub: **[FONT=Arial][size=2][FONT=Arial][size=2]
Bathtub is missing the water stopper. Without it you cannot fill your tub up with
ever seen the rubber stoppers sold at walmart?

was the report with pictures too big to load? You call out many items as defects that would be in my regular section as maintenance tips or noted damage- like the stopper. or the flexible drain in bathroom sink but thats your style. To me everything is price relevant. If I bought the house and the drain worked fine, I wouldnt replace it. If it clogged a couple times then I would. things cost money. an older house is cheaper than a new one. but you get older pieces and parts - you replace and update as needed. I dont like to provide links to places that are selling items like your insulation links. OF COURSE they want people to upgrade their insulation- its how they make money.

I hope you arent offended by my criticism. :slight_smile:



I know Billy and this is why he posts, he is looking for the constructive criticism. You offer good and friendly advice.

I would be interested in looking at one of your samples as I often can obtain some useful information from each inspector. You use HIP correct?

I also think this post would be a good topic of discussion for website of the month/year that was banned a few weeks ago. I find it usefull when my peers review my site, reports and critique and suggest ways to improve.

Maybe somehow the membership committee could come up with a post to have each inspector post his/her site and report and others could positively comment and at the end of the month year come up with report of the month/year.

Hey guys I’m busy at the moment here in the sand but I’ll react shortly. Like Dave stated I posted for a reason mainly about my website lol but the report questions are good to. So you all know the report currently on my site is old. I have updated and tweeked and my comments are not near as long. More to come.

Great idea Dave. But I don’t think it will ever happen. To many want to keep their reports/narratives away from competitors. I will share with you guys when ever you want just ask.

See above comments with – in front of them.

Thanks Robert. New sample with pics coming :wink:

Your profile pic at the top left is really compressed and has a lot of artifacts. .png works much better than .jpg on websites.

In your left black border, one of your tops link is titled “Why I Do” but links to a page titled “What We Do.”

Is that an error?

Yea I agree. I’m having professional pics taken when I get home. Thanks for looking Kevin. See anything else?

Great catch! Your right it is an error. Should read “What I Do”. I’ve corrected it now. Thanks Nick. Anything else jump out at you?

You sub out your picture taking?

Yes. I think the space between your links in your left navigation bar should be reduced so that your navigation bar tucks up to where you need not scroll to see it all.

Look at this site we are on ( Look at the links in the left blue border. They are all tucked up tight so that one need not scroll to access.