Please comment on Water Heater Installation!


Saw this today…please comment.


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It looks like your focus was on the appliance connector, which looks okay to me.

The picture is so small, I can’t tell for sure if there is a shutoff prior to the appliance connector, and that pipe from the closet floor could be secured a bit better.

The closet install is what concerns me. Is that a natural draft Cat 1 Water heater with a draft hood? If so then:

Check Dilution / combustion air source… ( Where is it getting air from?) Bathroom closet install? Hall way closet install in basement?

Are there any louvers, ducts to supply that puppy with air from the adjcent room? Door clearance to appliance… Is that W.H. Listed by MFG for closet install??

One louver high within 12" inches of ceiling and one louver low withint 12" of floor. Each louver should be 1 sq inch per 1000 BTU’s Or ducting to closet from attic / crawl space with same concept on high and low…

Any natural gas burning appliance install has to go by the MFG listed installation instructions… That is number 1… and should be available in the MFG instruction which should be by the appliance period. :wink:
You can always check the MFG website for more info…
Most of the time these installs are altered when a remodeling takes place… Lack of combustion air and dilution air

You can also go to

Go to “Venting Done right”… Watch the video …

Did I go overboard on the post…:D:D:roll::wink:

Thanks guys,

It just looked like there was too much flex pipe used, and it was stretched.