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Please contact The Governor today. Regarding the Mold section of the hb315 / sb 1830.

The Gov. does have line item veto and can remove the mold section of the bill and still pass the HI section. I do not know how most of you feel about the HI section but I know that most I have spoken to are unhappy with the mold section.
I also ask that if you contact him regarding vetoing the mold section that you ask him to remove the entire mold section, not just the part that deals with mold assessments

His email address is

Here is a sample format for those who may be unfamiliar with writing a public official

Honorable Governor Bush:

I would like to thank you for your efforts in facilitating and supporting the passing of the Home Inspection (SB1830 – HB 315).

For those of us in the Home Inspection Industry, we welcome this as responsible legislation, bringing standardization and accountability to our industry.

How ever I am very concerned about the language that was added on the last day of session to include the Mold assessment and remediation regulation. This section of the bill will make it impossible to perform the preliminary testing for home owners in Florida, that helps them to determine if they need the services of an expert.

The mold section of the bill also creates exemptions for several groups who do not have training in the mold industry. I do not see how these exemption can possibly protect the residents of Florida.

We support this non-regulatory alternative to licensure reflected in these bills. However we belive the mold language should be removed from the home inspection bill that provides the consumer needed protection.

I thank you in advance for vetoing the mold sections and signing this bill into law, bringing protection to the consumers of the state of Florida.


This is simply an example I do not presume to put words in your mouths.

Thanks for you help and effort I will be happy to discuss this with anyone who is interested. 850-259-1288

Mark Finnerty