Please contribute to NACHI member's run for public office.

Good luck Jay!

looking good jay


I signed up for you to hand deliver my free lawn sign :smiley: :smiley: :D. Just mkidding.

I didn’t see your party affiliation on your web site. Did I miss it?

Good luck and best wishes with your campaign.

You beat me to it again, J.O.! :smiley:

What is your party affiliation, Jay?

This is a Non-Partisan Race.


Not the question

What is your partisan? (party)

Where and how do we send $$ ??

Give me a call I am on your voice mail


Appears from his site he is a well-intentioned “Party For The People” candidate.

Best of the Best for you, your family, and your constituents!


Florida election rules prohibit party declaration in a non-partisan race.

I am a fiscal conservative and a social moderate.

Check out the web site and you will see my positions.

Contributions can be mailed to:

Campaign For Jay Schwartz
8310 NW 16th Street
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

Can be written from personal or business checking account.

Contributions made payable to the Jay Schwartz Campaign.

Thank you for any contribution you can send.

Wow I don’t feel unique anymore. :frowning:

Nice site, and good luck on your run!


Who is backing you demo or rep

Hey Gary:

I have support across the board.

Who has endorsed you.

Too early for that. Endorsements are at the very end.

You have GLP’s Home and Mold Inspection
and the BRC Detention B-2 Sergeant’s endorsement.

Thanks Gary! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Best of luck to you Jay.

Thank you Brian.

Just got home. Went door-to-door. Looking to do a lot of walkng this weekend.

Hi to all:

Upon my election, I will be in a better position to address the legislation issues here in Florida.

I am asking the NACHI community to contribute $5, 10, $20, or more to my campaign. With as many Florida inspectors we have, a small contribution from you will benefit everyone.

Thanks in advance,

Jay, read

Just went out.