Please Welcome My Son, Gabriel

Please welcome my son Gabriel McKenna, who is applying to become
an “Apprentice Inspector” today. He will begin the Texas requirements
of attending 25 inspection with me, his sponsor, and at the same time he
will be working on his educational requirements.

After this he will start phase II and become a “Real Estate Inspector”
and complete 175 more inspection indirectly supervised my me,
plus more educational hours. During this time he will also be
contracting some construction jobs… to support himself.

After 200 inspections he will be a “Professional Real Estate Inspector” and
take over my business… at which time… I will go to work for him…
when I feel like it…:mrgreen:

Gabriel will very shortly become a InterNACHI member, as soon as he
can pass the entrance test, without anyone’s help. Gabriel is 19
years old and he has a very proud father (me). He started working
with me on various construction projects from the time he was
5 years old.

I think InterNACHI is a great place for a new inspector to learn.

Please welcome my son… Gabriel.

Welcome Gabrial…looking forward to you joining us at InterNachi !!! :smiley:

Glad to see it is in the Family .
Any questions Dad does not know the Answer Pleaser feel free to ask Me .
I too might not know the Answer but it worth a try .
Welcome to a great group of home inspectors .
… Cookie

This is a picture of Gabriel several years ago when he went with me on a
missionary trip into the jungles of the Philippines. In this picture he was
helping feed some of the children in one of the villages. Gabriel is also
working with a local ministry as a youth leader.

Well Gabriel, whatever you decide to do, I will enjoy helping however I can. :smiley:


Welcome to a great group of home inspectors .

Ditto that!

Welcome Gabriel. My nephew has apprenticed with me for about a year and a half now. He has attended about 600 inspections with me. He is just about ready to complete his full 25 solo inspections and reports at this time.

It’s a long row to hoe but there’s alot to learn.

Hang in there.

Wow, he looks just like you.

Gabriel, welcome and I wish you luck, and if your father can’t give you the answer, maybe I can help too! ha. ha. :mrgreen:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Great kid, since he has a great dad

Welcome to the HI business Gabriel!!

My wife just came back from Guatemala. She went to Venezuela last year, they’re supposed to go to China next year…but I don’t know, things get so out of whack when she’s gone. This year after the third day my daughter is asking me “when are we gonna have a healthy meal”. I guess the beef jerky wasn’t cutting it.

But she tells me it’s an awesome experience and you get really humbled by it and that it’s a blessing.


Welcome, Gabriel.

What part of the Philippines did you go on your mission trip? My son went there last July on a mission trip. He went to Iloilo City on the island of Panay.

Our main landing point was in Dipolog City. From there we traveled
all over various areas of the southern island, mountains and coast.

60% unemployment there, but nice hard working people for the most part.
They look oriental but have Spanish names and speak a form of the Spanish
language. They used to be a colony of Spain years ago.

We were in the area where the state dept. said to stay out of because of the Muslim
terrorist. Oh well, you gotta go sometime.

This is Gabriel Speaking:

“Thanks to all of you for welcoming me.”

Welcome to home inspecting, Gabriel. I wish you well.

Welcome Gabriel, you have a great teacher


Welcome Gabriel!

He doesn’t look THAT Old!

Welcome Gabriel!!!

Sorry John I could not resist.