Plug-in Furnace

We’re all aware of the huge ice storm which hit the Toronto area almost a week ago leaving many thousands without power. Things are improving but there are still thousands of homes without power. For most people, no power means no heat from their high efficiency furnace.
Some people have purchased small portable outdoor generators so at least they can have some light from table lamps but up here you can’t live in a house for very long without heat.
So if you buy a small outdoor generator you can plug in some table lamps, your natural gas power vented water heater, but not your furnace so you still end up moving in with friends or into one of the warming shelters.
Is there any reason a natural gas furnace can’t have a plug like the water heater (other than code)? If there’s not, I may put a plug in the line for future emergencies.

Consider installing a transfer switch. They have inexpensive models just for furnaces or boilers.

furnace transfer switch.jpg

Best to do it correctly with a transfer switch.
Sad to see that many have not been prepared for what is happening in GTA.

Looks like that’s the way to go. Thanks.

My house was built in 1980. It was wired with an outlet that, when plugged into my outdoor generator, feeds one outlet on each floor and one by the sump and furnace. Have not had to use it very much but when I do its great. It was a great solution for the time.