Plug in Water Heater?

Just wanted to see how often people see this and if it is really legal. Hot water heater used a dryer cord plug for attachment for the means of disconnect.

1224 Inverness St, Port Charlotte, FL -Silva 003.JPG

That’s just downright SCARY!
:shock: I’m forwarding a copy of that pic to one of my contractor freinds who is a liscensed plumber and electrician I’ll let you know what he says

per the UL white book, under Household Storage Tank (KSDT)
“they are intended for household use in ordinary locations and permanent connection to the supply source in accordance with the NEC”
110.3(B) states equipment must be installed according to its listing and labeling instructions.
I looked at the listing information for ranges and dryers and no mention was made of the type of power connection intended, so the water heater would seem to be restricted to a permanent connection.

Paul put his finger on it. This is basically just a problem with how the water heater is listed. It is really not that uncommon to see them cord and plug connected in Florida. That was accepted as the means of disconnect for years. I am not sure exactly how this is any more dangerous than a dryer with a plug but it is fixed in place equipment so it should be hard wired. Where I do see a problem is when the “cord” is Romex but I could make the same argument with almost any Romex connected water heater. It does not “closely follow building finish”, supports etc. If it was a regular dryer type cord I would be less concerned.
One might argue that if the water heater was installed with the flex water kit and a cord and plug it is not “fixed in place”. :wink:

lol…I am sure we can find ways around anything…remember even if the NEC mandates something the local AHJ can make a ruling on anything within their scope of authroity and allow it…

That type of connection is quite common for electric water heaters here. And I have yet to find an AHJ who has a problem with it, so I don’t write it up either. It might have something to do with most of my jurisdictions being under the UBC, which, I think, was last updated ca. 1996. Even the brand new electric water heaters out in the mountains are installed just like that in the picture. Maybe that has something to do with rednecks? :smiley:

I do write it up for those few times when I find the cord draped over the hot water line or chewed up by the family dog.

Now the TPR drain pipe on the water heater in the picture is something that I would write up.

lol…rednecks…lol…Oh Russel…I thought they were all in West Virginia…?

Maybe all the rednecks are in central America since my rednecks out in the mountains are closer to your rednecks in West Virginia than I am to you. :smiley:

Or maybe we should just ship all the rednecks to Central America.