Plugged and Clogged Condensate and A Coil

Tech wasn’t too far behind me here… he said this one was heading for the boneyard… I saw 2 like this one pictured, almost identical in condition last week, funny how stuff goes in “waves”. Ever notice that? Found a couple of the recalled horiz furnaces, perforated aluminum condensers and so on. Seemed to be HVAC week. Keeps you on your toes.

As far as perforated coils, I shoulda taken a pic of that… but whenever I see aluminum condensing coils… i’ll look pretty closely for perforations or signs of leaks. Many times they’re not too hard to find… even if it’s cold outside or there’s some other reason not to turn on the AC. Never an excuse not to have your peepers workin’.

The cause is usually a number of things, but in this case was cat hair, lint and you name it.