Why is it frezzing up?

They had the same company come out 3 times, and they said they could not find anything wrong. PAALEASE!
Recommend not using that company anymore.

Hired the company three times and didn’t find that? I am assuming they were HVACR technicians then. It’s gonna take a whole lotta cans of ZIP Clean to fix that problem. LOL

I think it’s freezing up because it doesn’t have enough dirt in it Bruce :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Throw some more in and it will be good to go :shock:


They are trying to cool the house not grow potatos.:smiley:

You sure?? :mrgreen:


The last thing to come out of a service truck is the hose and coil cleaner!

No evaluation can be properly done, without first using the hose and coil cleaner.

Hmmmmm. Obviously they not only don’t know how to check static pressure to determine cfm air flow they can’t use their manifold gauges and thermometers to diagnose either. Can only imagine what the secondary heat exchanger looks like if this is a 90 percent efficiency furnace and the evaporator coil. Oh that first photo is the evaporator coil.

I had one last week where the indoor coil was blocked, resulting in low back pressure. Sooooo, someone just charged things up till the back pressure came up to 70# psig.

When I checked the unit, the suction service valve leaked when I took off the gauges and liquid refrigerant came pouring out! This valve was about 8" from the compressor!