"PLUMBER CRACK"...what cause it how do we rid of i

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Iwas explaining the formation of fissure cracks in structures when I realized I should be asking information in this fomum…Any comments?

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My haste to explain is unfortunately an opportunity for me to slip the wrong words in and confuse the issue...........

Many times when WE speak about settlement, WE either are referring to settlement and stress or stress or just settlement. They are different animals and at the same time they are related.

(Here we go...ranting and raving over words and how to use them....Hell, I have trouble ordering a cheeses burger and fries at the drive thru.)

Well, it is a circle than does become very entwined but in the original question and description I would say those cracks are more likely from common non-concerning material stresses.

Does that make sense?

Settlement is shifting or settling of materials as a whole or part of.

Stress is the flexing or shrinking or movement of materials Like when a 2x4 dries out and shrinks it causes minor stress on it's associated materials.
When the temperature changes and dissimilar materials move, expand, contract etc. at different rates, this is stress and not settlement.


But older materials are not pliable and as a result we see imperfections.

Now, When a big fat guy like myself try's to fix these CRACK's. We often wear shirts that are to short to cover our big gut. When we bend over we present a new problem..."Plumbers CRACK". This is a very different and dangerous issue. One of these can ruin your whole day!

However, if you are exposed to "Plumbers CRACK", do not try to hide it and at the same time do not put this on the repair report.
No, It is not being evasive, however there are some things by code that we just have to accept.
What ever you do don not attempt to fill it with caulk.
(If you do, Please get it on video for us to see)

Plumbers Crack unlike otheres creats stress and is an form of over settleing loads.

There is a lot about plumbers crack that has not been written yet but I asume it is only due to the WIDE SPREAD and unrearched VIEWS of so many. Suprising isn't it.

Do we have a THREAD pertaining to PlumbersCRACK?

A confused Bob

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Yes we do. You just started it.

Some may disagree with your warning about what not to fill it with though.

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If caulk is a no-no, what do you suggest? Teflon tape or pipe dope?
Since it is considered a WIDE SPREAD would the application of a band-clamp NARROW or ease the stress problem? Or, would such application only further complicate the situation by adding additional pressure to the stress?

I've seen this condition in other related fields also, such as electrical and HVAC. The HVAC guys usually just use duct tape to seal rather than using a sheet metal patch. Something to do with pop rivets or self tapping screws!


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I think that I threw it away. I got a magazine that sells pants that are called “plumbers crack jeans”.

If I can find it I will post the link.

I tried a quick Google. You can not believe the number of "plumber's crack" sites.

Mike P.

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I found this post somewhere. it’s not mine.+


Why am I posting at 5 AM? Well I'll tell you that it's my own fault. You see, I last changed the baby at approximately 1:40 AM. In my gauzy haze, I didn't quite hike her dipe all the way up and over her crack. So just about 20 minutes ago I awoke to the sound of her fussing and the all-too-familiar odor of. . . well, let's just say that it's an all-too-familiar odor.

"Need to be changed, honey?" I ask, as I lift her out of her little bed. She looks at me as if to say, "You know damn well I do," but instead she just coos lovingly. I notice the blanket she's wrapped in is a little damp while I transport her to the changing table. "That's odd," I think, actively denying the realization that is slowly dawning on me. I place Gracie on the table and she flashes me another look. "How long were you going to leave me festering in my own filth," it says. "This isn't Calcutta, you know."

Her PJ's are, let's say, soaked through. The dipe, revelaing her plumber's crack, didn't act as a catcher's mit so much as it did a bobsled chute, ushering its contents 'up and out' at breakneck speed. Let me tell you, she took home the gold.

So there's a life tip for you: Don't give a baby plumber's crack. It's a lesson you learn in one trial.


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Thank you for the extended laugh. i needed that.

Iguess I need some duct tape then....


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Sorry guys, I can’t resist…

An actual Plumbers crack fix...

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