Plumber Straps for Wind Mitigation

I just performed a wind mitigation. The previous mit. Shows that there were hurricane straps in the home. I was unaware at the time of my inspection, not that it matters. I had two different access points I checked as well. The first had broken straps that were corroded. The second had areas where the nailing pattern wasn’t met anyway. My question though is do plumber straps count for the connection anyway. It was my understanding that they do not. I was told that the insurance company would accept them. Which is curious due to them not meeting nailing requirements. I could not find the straps that the other mitigation had and I have about 12 pictures. Not sure where he was looking.

TLDR: thoughts on plumber straps for roof to wall attachments.

Not an approved material. This is what I see in SC.

IMO that’s a non-approved “clip”. How is it attached to the top wall plate or embedded in the bond beam, the pics are too dark can’t see.
Doesn’t matter in this case 'cause the state form wants to know the weakest link, which is broken/corroded.
So it gets a toe-nail rating.

Thanks for your response. I do realize in this case it doesn’t matter. I was just trying to confirm that plumber straps are not rated to be used for a roof to wall attachment.