Plumbing at disposal

At my inspection today, I have the drain line coming out of the disposal dropping down into a P-trap configuration made out of pressure fitted piping. The pipe then rises 4" to a T fitting to meet up with the other bowl drain line and then travels through an approved p-trap right next to it and then into the horizontal pipe to the wall drain. There are two P-traps side by side. It doesn’t look right to me. Sorry no picture. Thoughts?

A pic would sure help. As long as each fixture only drains through ONE trap, it is acceptable (in my area). As for the materials… what are you calling a “pressure fitting”? Also unclear on the fall/rise of the waste lines.

Do you not take pics of defects or concerns?

I assume your area is on UPC based codes … but most areas are on IRC based codes that permit 2 fixtures on one trap and trap arm/vent.

It’s hard to tell from the description, but it sounds like that may be a double traped installation, which would not be acceptable. That looks like this …

Uhh… Isn’t that what I said?

I didn’t say each fixture must drain through a seperate trap.

Musta been the accent! :wink:

I took that to mean your area required a trap for each fixture (two fixtures and two traps) … my misunderstanding if that wasn’t the intent … :wink:

Like I said, musta been the accent. My intent was to indicate that a fixture is not allowed to drain through more than one trap. Better? :wink:

Thanks guys, I take tons of pictures to put in my reports. I was not able to load the picture for this application. The pipe leaves the disposal downward 4" over 4" up 4" to a T fitting. Next to that is the P-trap that goes to the wall drain. When looking at it, it looks like 2 P-traps right next to each other. Food from the disposal travels through 2 P-traps then to the horizontal drain that leads to the wall. When I tested the right drain, (disposal side) I could see water make its way to the left drain. It just doesn’t look right to me. It doesn’t look like a standard set up when installing a disposal. Stan

This makes it wrong under any model code.