3 traps

Two questions with this one. 1. Is there any issue with the trap arrangement? I’ve seen this scenario where they are all run together and then trap. 1 trap for all three.
2. What is some terminology for the drain line being sloped the wrong way? It all flows away from the drain.


One trap for the sink fixture w/disposal and the third trap should be installed at the source if not part of that fixture.

Negative pitch on the drain line. :slight_smile:

It is three separate sinks.



Fixtures shall not be double trapped…

A single trap shall be permitted to serve two or three like fixtures limited to kitchen sinks, laundry tubs and lavatories. Such fixtures shall be adjacent to each other and located in the same room with a continuous waste arrangement. The trap shall be installed at the center fixture where three such fixtures are installed. Common trapped fixture outlets shall not be more than 30 inches (762 mm) apart.


There’s no double trap there (three separate sinks w/three traps and one trap-arm), but this is not allowed under the UPC - one trap per trap arm.

I took it as two traps on one fixture which appears to be a double tub sink and another fixture to the right.
I guess it is wrong no matter what Huh! :slight_smile:

You guys all know Mike? He forgot the plumbing code. Opppps. HA HA HA

Here is what it should look like I think.
One P trap, the lateral line is even for all sinks but the entry.