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The first two pictures are of the corner of the crawl space beside the french drain. This is also where the water main comes in. There is an 18" diameter hole under the foundation. The vapor barrier was doing a good job of KEEPING the water in the hole. I pulled it out of the way to take the picture, and the water soaked into the ground! The obvious recommendation here is to take care of the water, and call in an engineer to look at the best options for the hole.

Two questions. The water main is copper, and is insulated. Of course I don't know how far, but what kind of a ground would it make if it were insulated back to the key box?

Secondly, there is a 6" pipe leading under the foundation out under the yard. I can look up into it with the flashlight and see about 8 ft. I thought, drain tile? But it has no connections for that 8ft that would indicate a connection to drain tile. I also found no evidence of other pipes like this anywhere else on the foundation or evidence of a sump crock or pump system.

The adjacent corner on the back of the house ALSO had a hole under it. This corner has a 2" ABS pipe going through it, with a 1" pipe inside of it. It extends a good twenty feet into the crawl space and ends. Any ideas?
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The final picture is a general question about the foundation itself. The footings seem to be just sitting on the ground. I see no evidence of settling, or cracking on the entire perimeter, but I can dig under the footing edge with my hand. And as you can see in the first two pictures, it doesn't go down any further than the depth of the crawl space. In fact, the crawl space is DEEPER than the footings in the middle. Anyone seen anything like this before?

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First, to take care of the easy one. The covering of the water pipe in insulation won’t interfere with the ground.

Re the footing

It would appear the builder/handyman/homeowner who dug the hole built the forms for the footing then decided he didn’t have enough room to get in there to do work and then dug out the crawl space. Now he has a problem of having to go back under there and IMHO dig out under the footing and underpin to prop it up. It will fail at some point if he doesn’t. You can’t expect the footing to hold up under load if it isn’t supported on undisturbed ground.

He has defeated the purpose of the footing.

Correct the grading and the water problem will most likely go away but I would install a proper sump and pump just in case.

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