Plumbing Question

This isn’t an inspection question, just a general plumbing question.

This is a shot of the water entry piping in the crawl space of my cottage.

At this time last year all I had was black poly coming out of the ground, the globe valve (stop & drain), and then my household plumbing. We were on a flat rate billing system. There’s no power to my cottage in the winter so I would just shut off the water, open the drain fitting on the globe valve, and lock it up for the winter.

Then last summer the city decided we should have meters. Now I’ve got what you see… black poly, globe valve (stop & drain), meter, check valve, ball valve (stop & drain), and accumulator.

Last fall I drained my household piping using the drain fitting on the ball valve. I drained the meter (I thought) using the drain fitting on the globe valve.

When I turned on the water today the meter had frozen and ruptured over the winter. Apparently opening the drain fitting on the globe valve below it doesn’t drain the meter because the closed check valve above it creates a vacuum. I got it repaired but now I’m wondering what to do next winter. Any ideas?

PS - LOL, the censors wouldn’t let me write “drain c#ck” so I had to write drain fitting.

I am assuming that you maintain electric
add heat tape and hope for the best.

I have seen those meters split open after being dewinterized.
Removing or disconnecting them is not allowed either just so you know.

Hmmm do not recall seeing them vertical much.

Here they’re all removed when winterized–it must be a Chicago thing to leave them.

I don’t know about Ontario…so John, you’ll have to check with the water supplier.

you can isolate and roll out…
should not be an issue if you are doing the winterization.
Provincial mileage may vary…

OK ,because when the town guys showed up they said they were going to fine the winterization company for removing the meter at the time.
The water was shut off with a buffalo key at the lawn originally which allowed it as possible.

The meter belongs to the city / water supplier. Tell them they can install a drain valve between the meter and check valve or they can replace the meter each year. It was their installation so put the responsibility and liability back on them.

A plumber must have installed the bonding jumper :smiley:

Same here in Minnesota. All meters are removed when Winterizing, but the meter must stay at the location it was removed from, ie… within close proximity to the entry pipe. Vertical installation of the meter is also the norm.

Nope, no power in the winter.
I’m thinking of removing the check valve, drilling a hole in the disc, and then replacing it. Nobody would be the wiser.

Actually the hold the property owner liable for the meter and any damage to it.
The bill is around $250 and this started in many towns thanks to all the foreclosures and expense of replacement.