Water supply leak?

Hi all,

These pictures are from the entrance of a crawlspace of a modular home. What do you think could be the cause of the moisture by the water supply into the home? I know it is a bad “winterizing” job but everything above looked dry. Any ideas as to what could cause this? I think I should call it out to have a plumber evaluate? Thanks for your help.


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Is there a water meter you can watch and then turn off the main to the reisidence after it comes out of the soil? Watching the meter AFTER turning off the main will tell you if there is a plumbing leak as the meter will still be indicating water flow. No leak no plumber needed, look for other causes or it may not be a problem. Looks like a very small area of dampness.

If that’s clear plastic wrapping the pipe it may be condensation running down pipe. Just a guess…

looks as though some one had piled rocks around the pipe to try and hide something. if the ground has good perk you could have a pretty good leak. the water meter will have a little triangle that spins when water passes, it will slowly spin even with a drip. make sure all the faucets are turned off and no one flushes a toilet and check it out. if you haven’t seen one before maybe try it at your place have some one turn a tap on just so you can see how it works.

Doesn’t look like a very big leak but you probably should recomend having a shut in test done.
Some water companies will do it free I think.

That appears to be heat tape around the water line to keep it from freezing, just a guess, but it could be thawing out the ground where the pipe come up. Just a guess though. If you use a flow valve to check water pressure it will tell you for sure if the pipe is leaking.

Hi Greg,
Be careful using the term modular to describe a mobile.
I think that I see axils in your pics.

with the plumbing, maybe recommend a plumber to remove the insulation
check the pipe and install new heat tape. some parks require new heat
tape every 2 years.

Have also seen many a leak at the valve stem and fitting joints that can run down inside the insulation almost un-detected. You would have to remove the insulation to investigate further which is usually done by the repair person, not the inspector. If there is a meter above it can be the union connections as well and its running down the pipe from above where your picture shows ( a tissue works excellent for water leak detection…somtimes they are almost invisible for the naked eye. At least you’ll be able to determine where the leak starts and stops to narrow down the field). Usually tightening the nuts will correct this unless the washer/leather needs replacing.

Dollars to Donuts… says its the main shut off valve stem leakage (around the packing nut…(tighten) By the way, its the one below the yellow handled hose bib shut-off, I didn’t even see it the first few times I looked at the pictures. Its all wrapped up with the insulation protection. Hard to see in the photos. Most of the time these types will corrode themselves closed if they are not turned or disturbed.

My $$ is with Rick my guess is that it is underground

You should check your water meter, after regular interval of time. To check whether there is a leak take the reading do not run the faucet, or use any water for an hour or two. After that check it again if in case it doesn’t read exactly the same, then it’s simple that you have a leak. after that take an appropriate action to get it repair. You can use water leak detector call a professional to detect the problem.
Leak Detection in Home