help with weird plumbing fittings

I do not know what this is. It is under a kitchen sink in a 1983 condo. it is downstream of the garbage disposal and is tapped into th cold water supply. Is this for helping to move solids down or what??

HIP 020.jpg

RO drain?

Ditto:D Hi Bk

Is that the top of a saddle valve I see?
Any one have thoughts on cross contamination?

yes that is a saddle valve.I dont get the purpose of this connection at all.

I see what you are talking about, maybe a disconnected Ro unit thanks that is a great possibility. thanks brothers


Was this the whole ball of wax with no filter.
Straight from the water supply to the drain?

I wonder if at one time there was an RO unit and when they remoced it they just cobbled it back togehter the way you see.

And yes I vote cross connection Bob unless one of those do-dads is some sort of checkvalve.

Remove, or have a plumber evaluate it.

Great ? on the cross contamination. there is a shut off valve that is not visible in the photo also the saddle valve is closed so I dont see how this is an issue but am all ears for input


yes Robert

Thats what I was hinting at Brian, just wanted a second opinon.
So there ya go John.
Also I will add saddle valves are not allowed as they leak.
Tell them to include that as a defect.

You were at it while I was typing slow as usual John so let me add that closed or not it has potential.
I could put a conductor on your a-s and tell you its safe since the switch is flipped,\:D/

Can you open the shutoff valve??? :smiley:

Some one could open the saddle valve or it could be partialy open with you not knowing.
Yum doesn’t that year old meat taste good with a glass of water.

thanks Brian and Robert. points well taken and appreciated. thanks for the analogies I think I will use those quotes in the report.he he