Plumbing Supply Tubing

I recently heard that the supply tubes shown in this photo may be prone to failure at the crimp. Has anyone else heard anything about a weakness.
Some plumbers are saying to replace them with solid metal supply tubes.



I hope not! I have them all over my house! :smiley:

I wouldn’t recommend the service of those plumbers. Steel braided hoses are the way to go.

Are those plumbers trying to maximize their hourly labor charges???

Those stainless steel braided supply lines are best out there…

I have been building and renovating homes for almost 20 years and have never heard of such a problem. I wouldn’t use anything else but these for faucet and fixture connections. They are great for the washing machine and dishwasher too.

i see the steel ones all the time, the problem is when you have to do any maintenance on the faucet (like when the bib screw on the stem comes out an fall down into the supply line) you ususaly have to bend and kink the steel ones to get it out. i’ve put in probably 1000 braided lines and have seem maybe 6 that failed. .6%? not bad in my book. plus they now come with an anti-burst valve for added safty. if the flow threw the line is over that of the average (not sure how it’s set) faucet, it shuts the little valve stopping the flood. i was looking online for a pic, but no one has 'em online yet, but i just intalled some at my brothers house, so i know they exist.

That sounds like a very nice feature. I’ll have to look for it.:wink:

yeah. it’s a little silver cylender near the shut off valve, between the compression nut and the crimp for the line itself. i watched a demo were the guy took a pair of tin snips, and cut strait threw the line while it was charged with street pressure, it spilled about 1 cup of water and stopped dead. doesn’t work for a leak at the crimp, but a leak is easier to deal with than a burst.

Most if not all of the newer S.S. supply lines should be fine especially if they are from companies like Watts, Brasscraft, or Fluidmaster.

The plumber should have said exactly why they are bad if they are going to recommend replacement…

The problem with some of the S.S. and vinyl supply lines is with that short nipple that is crimped into the hose and captures the nut and gasket or o-ring on the end. Some of them use a PLASTIC NIPPLE in that location and it has a tendency to snap off between the crimp and the nut or the crimp can pull off from the plastic nipple. Even some of the very inexpensive brass ones have snapped off there becuase the brass is so very thin.

Stick with a good brand name supply line with brass nipples and a warranty and they will work great. Buy the cheap no name, non code compliant lines and you may end up with a flooded house.

The supply lines I’ve seen with the safety valve where Watts Flood Safe auto shut off connectors. Nice feature if you think they may fail. They can be a pain also… If the flow restrictor is missing from the aerator (either permenantly or just removed to clean the aerator) and the faucet is opened, it will activate and have to be reset. To reset them, you have to shut the water off, and disconnect the supply line from the valve to release water pressure then reconnect again. Hate for a non-DIY person have to call a plumber just because they tried to clean their aerators. That is better than a flooded house though.

Here’s a link that John is referring to…

John and Dave.Great Information
I have recommended burst proof to all Appliances for 3 years now .
Did not know of the flood safe ,Thanks.
Question it says the water has to be shut of and take the flood safe off to reset it .
I wonder if the water was shut of and Basement and upstairs taps turned on .
The system would now drain and I expect the Flood safe should reset.
I myself would try this first.
Any thoughts ?
Roy sr

Thanks everyone I’m glad to hear these are safe devices when from a quality supplier. I remember an add-on device like the flood-safe valve for washer hoses but have not seen them for years. I think I will use the flood safe reference for potential upgrades to questionable supply issues in the future.

hay i mentioned it first (boo hoo, no one loves me:roll: :frowning: :mrgreen: )

Stainless lines are fine. I have had the following problems with the newer so-called Floodsafe lines from Watts.

  1. picks up debris from water line in the automatic valve inlet causing reduced water flow. With a regular stainless connector this junk usually can be removed from the aereator but with Floodsave you have to remove the line
  2. Sometimes the automatic valve shuts off for no reason even on a low flow faucet
  3. Leaks where the valve is pressed together (not where the braid is crimped but at the middle of the automatic valve itself).
    I’ve only installed 3 of these lines so maybe my experience is not representative, but I’ve had to replacce all three for the above reasons (1 leaked, 1 shut off for no reason, all of them kept getting mineral “sand” pieces lodged in their inlet screen greatly reducing water flow).

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The only time I did not use flex supplies when I was plumbing was for the looks of the finsihed work. If I thought a crome supply would look better I would use it. I have all braided in my house and sleep well at night.

Do the braided lines have rubber on the inside?